Click on the icon to download the form. Once completed please bring with you to your appointment.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time of your first appointment. Patients should be certain
that all important records have been sent to us from the referring office. A complete history and physical examination may be performed at the first office visit, which takes about an hour. If x-ray and laboratory results are indicated, they are usually done in the office. Treatment will be recommended based on the results of your examinations.

You can help us understand your medical problem if you think about and organize your medical history before your first visit. In addition, when completing the health questionnaire (see above), please consider
the following:

- Which symptoms bother you the most?
- When did the symptoms begin? And in what order?
- What makes the symptoms more or less severe?
- List the name and dosage of the medications you are taking and bring the bottles with you.

Preparing For Your First Visit